Important Ten Tors Event info

Apr 9, 2014

Everything you need for the event is now online on the 2014 Ten Tors Event Landing page!

Post April hike updates

Apr 7, 2014

Some photos from the final training hike are now online, and here's a brief run down of the weekend...

Scouts abandoned on Dartmoor as Leader's syndicate scoops Lottery jackpot

Only kidding. Neither event is true of course but you never know- which is why we ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities. After the mild conditions of the last hike you have just experienced the wild which Dartmoor can throw at you, and on day 2, you did it all by yourselves. Some points for you to take notice of:

  • If you completed or almost finished this weekend you should be feeling mighty proud. It was tough so well done from all the adults.
  • Having battled through the bad weather, your visible sense of achievement at the end was self evident.
  • On the event anything could happen -but now at least you know how good and how bad it can get.
  • There are still some issues regarding quality of kit and working as a team throughout the whole weekend I.E. the camping, but you've just made team selection that much harder.
  • With 2 scouts not being able to attend on the Friday because of illness, and two more becoming unwell throughout the weekend now hopefully reinforces the need for teams to have fully trained reserves in place. (They also serve who only stand and wait.) You cannot help falling ill - but teams must start complete as a team of six.

Lost property

Be sure claim quickly as wet and already beginning to smell!

  • Rucksack - Vango black Contour 60+10. Grey Roll mat on side. (Might be a leaders as stripped down to bare minimum)
  • Nokia mobile phone black (found in van so probably fell out of a scout's kit)
  • Karrimor black waterproof jacket -red Mountain Warehouse torch in pocket
  • Bag of wet clothes including Crag Hoppers brown Aqua Dry (failed) trousers
  • Hat -black (thought to be Corin's)
  • Pair white Nike socks
  • Pair Surfanic gloves -camouflage with compass on back
  • Orange whistle (thought to belong to Remi?)
  • Grey wollen Wappa knitted hat -possibly rabbit -eyes and long ears
  • Missing: 3 loan fleeces handed out on Friday. Please email to say that you have them.

    Still not claimed from last hike

  • Pair waterproof trousers -loan stock
  • Red Petzel headtorch
  • Pink sock + white robbin design sock
  • Grey sock - Slazenger in yellow
  • Still missing from last hike

  • Short tent pole -red end (35s)
  • Red North Face fleece

Pre- Event Information

Mar 30, 2014

With the event now just 7 weeks away here is some general information. Detailed Event Notes will be posted here after the April hike.

  • We take everyone to the event-whether they are selected as a team member or are a reserve.
  • The event is run by the Army and strict safety conditions apply including a safety briefing and rigorous independent kit check. There are 400 teams to be processed in a day so we will leave Bristol at 8.00am on Friday 9 May. Please arrange for your child to have this day off from school as an Authorised Absence. We can provide a letter if required, just let us know.
  • Parents are welcome on the army camp throughout the weekend, and to join us for a cup of tea. You may also catch sight of teams at certain checkpoints along their route, but no conversations -just a cheery wave please!
  • If you are planning to stay the Friday or Saturday evening you need to be booking a B&B etc now as this is the area's busiest weekend of the year.

Key dates for event preparation...

  • Monday 5 May (Bank Holiday) 7.45pm - detailed briefing for parents and scouts
  • Wednesday 7 May (evening) - Scrutineering
  • Saturday 10 May 7.00am event start - teams must finish Sunday 11 May by 5.00pm.

Post hike news - March hike

Mar 30, 2014

WOW what a weekend! The weather was beautiful with the sun shining on both days and the views over the moor were breathtaking. The Hikers did a brilliant job for their first weekend on the Moor and most completed both days of hiking so well done all.

Friday night saw us leaving the 169th on time however the scrutineering found many of the Hikers still not having all the correct equipment with particular attention to Fleeces, these must be at least 200g (or similar such as softshell) anything below this is a micro fleece. We and the Army will not allow hikers onto the Moor without the correct equipment so please ensure you read the list provided and bring everything on there. If you have a problem interpreting the standard required contact us via the website and we will advise.

The trip to the Meldon Hall on Friday Night was somewhat eventful with the Kit Van breaking down at Taunton Services. Thanks to Andy for escorting this back to Bristol and to 1st Bishopston for providing a replacement bus at short notice. The whole event resulted in a very late night and saw many people yawning the following morning.

Saturday and Sunday's hiking conditions could not have been better. The sun shone on both days and the visibility over the Moors meant you could see for miles and the views were stunning with not a cloud in the sky. Last year's walkers, who had not actually seen the entire terrain all last season, were amazed.

Overall the Hikers did fantastically well for their first Dartmoor hike with most completing both days of walking and were in good spirits on the way home. For those that didn't complete, don't worry, you all still did a great job and will have another opportunity to walk on the next Hike in April. For those of you who struggled a bit with fitness – ditch the car or bus and walk to and from school from now on in!

We were informed on the weekend that Lidl supermarket sell a mixed bag of dried fruit and nuts which are great for hikes as it is high calorie and at only £1 per bag a bargain!

Photos + missing kit

Mar 18, 2014

Photos from the March Ten Tors hike on Dartmoor are now online.

We've noticed we're missing a tent pole, a shorter pole with one end section in red. Please let us know if you have this?

Lost Property

Mar 12, 2014

We have some lost property from the March hike...

  • Pair black overtrousers (loan stock)
  • GoSystems gaz
  • 1x grey sock with Slazenger in yellow
  • 1x pink sock branded Snowpro
  • 1x red sigg bottle (possibly left in green bus?)
  • Petzl Head Torch in red with matching red headband
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