• Ten Tors Nov 2016 training hike
  • Ten Tors Nov 2016 training hike

Notes from the first day hike

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What a brilliant day!

A bit nippy first thing but excellent for walking; no hill fog so clear navigation; a slight drop of rain (you’ll get used to that) and everyone finished – no dropouts.

You are to be congratulated as this was a tough first hike but no worthwhile achievement is easy.

Just a few points for you all to remember please:

  • Pre-hike check (Scrutineering): It’s your responsibility to ensure you have everything you need. Use the online checklist to tick off that you have packed everything.
  • Navigation. Feedback suggests this was really good but everyone should have a go – don’t leave it to others- we all have to learn. Look at the route and go to the checkpoints in the order they are printed! If you missed out a checkpoint on Dartmoor it would be a long long trek back.
  • You are a team -there was excellent morale – but remain aware if someone seems to be isolated as everyone should be enjoying the walk.

Things for you to act on:

  1. We have added a head-torch to the DAY HIKE LIST. Make sure you have one for December’s hike.
  2. Signing up for your place. We were tight on seats – please ensure that you sign up as unless you do we may simply not have enough and would have to leave you behind.
  3. Please check the website before using the Contact Us option, many of the questions asked were available on the website.

Well done to all.


The following items have been handed in:

1 x Black Waterproof Glove.

1 X White Hand Towel – Found in Mini Bus A (Laurence was driving)

1 X Blue Sweater with Garment and Co Ltd Pull and Bear, size L – Found in Blue Mini Bus

To claim any of these items please get in touch.

  1. Torin MacDonald

    Torin left a pair of woolly black/ dark grey gloves in a minibus.