Second Day Hike

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Another superb day, glorious sunshine although bitterly cold. Excellent walking, mostly in the right direction. (What was going on Team B?)

Scrutineering -did you all remember your headtorch? Also you have been lucky so far but one day it will rain so you need a separate waterproof top and trousers packed ready. If you need to borrow these from us please ask now – not on the morning of the next hike.

You should be packing your own kit and know immediately whereabouts everything is in your bag. Time spent rummaging around in your bag is time lost on walking or perhaps eating.  Don’t forget that apart from high energy foods packed in your pockets for lunch you really need to start the day having had breakfast -preferably a hot breakfast, not a fry-up but something wholesome and filling like porridge and toast.  Make time for it by getting up 15 minutes earlier.  Yes you, not one of your parents -doing things for yourself is all part of event preparation and growing up.

Good to see you sharing out the map reading -it’s a skill that only comes by having a go.  Pace was good but you must take care to look after one another -don’t leave people behind. This is a team event and we want ALL the team to finish having enjoyed themselves.

Have a great  Christmas  but stay in trim as  the next hike has even more hills to get you event fit.