Hike news and photos – Third Day Hike Cotswolds

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A dank, dreary and misty day -brightened up with your enthusiasm to get going and the (dubious) dulcet tones of harmonious singing. (Keep practising Team ? – but not within earshot of sensitive ears like cats and dogs.)

Good teamwork generally but you must keep everyone together as its all too easy to lose a team member in the fog. The terrain was a bit more demanding but your timings were pretty good so well done. A valuable lesson is to look after your team kit. This is a team responsibility NOT that of an individual. A compass must be placed around your neck and not tied on to the mapcase/ slipped inside – hence one lost compass which the team will be asked to pay for as a team. Good news, compass has been found!

And now to the future. The next hike is your first overnight and this means – more personal kit to carry and to take a share of team kit (issued on the Saturday morning).  So a bigger rucksack is required which you can pre-order from Richard the Quartermaster so that you can get used to it before the next hike. And a sleeping bag; and a gas stove (one between two). We do not supply the gas so  you will need to get a couple of cartridges BEFORE the hike. We’ll show you how to use it; pitch a hike tent and other basic campcraft. Please check the website for a full list of kit required for the overnight hikes -and don’t forget you will need two sets of lunch clearly marked Saturday and Sunday. Because the hike is local this will be the last time that we will allow you to walk with any kit not deemed “up to Dartmoor standard”. If you have any doubts about your personal kit please ask now. Once we go to Dartmoor  if your kit “fails” scrutineering at the hut you simply won’t be able to attend.

Once again – a big well done from us all and thanks to Chris the DC who walked with one of the teams. (Has he told you that he did the 55 mile challenge some years ago?)