Hike news and photos – 04-05 Feb 17

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The first weekend hike of season saw a mainly dry walk although it did rain a lot during the night and prior to the weekend leaving lots of mud!  Make sure you clean your boots, we have seen lots of boots that haven’t been cleaned and good boot care is very important if you want to keep your feet dry, dirty boots rot and split leaving you with wet feet and soggy socks.

The weekend was also very cold and some young people didn’t have a mid layer, please ensure you pack every item on the kit list, this can be found by clicking on the information tab and selecting the Ten Tors Equipment option from the drop down menu.  The kit list is not suggestive and the Young People must have every item on the list.

Some questions were raised regarding food.  We recommend that you pack 1 hot evening meal, nothing in a tin, tins are heavy!  Pre made hiking food such as wayfarer meals are perfect, you can boil these in the bag and then eat them direct from the packet and then use the boiling water for a hot drink.  Dehydrated meals are also an option but require more water to be carried to make them.  2 X lunch meals are required and should be eaten on the move, so sandwiches rather than something that needs to be cooked, please do not use perishable fillings for Sundays sandwiches, fillings such as jam, peanut butter or chocolate spread would be better. You will also need 2 breakfasts, things like wayfarer boil in the bag meals or porridge oats are good as a hot meal is a good way to start the day.  It is a requirement to mark each days meals clearly with Saturday and Sunday so the Scrutineers can differentiate between them rather than just having one big pile of food.

I have received a message from the camp site owners to pass on to 45 mile teams that stayed in the accommodation.  Mandy says thank you for keeping the rooms so pristine she didn’t need to clean it at all, thank you. Also thank you to everyone for keeping the mud down to a minimum it was much easier to clean up this year.

There were some items left behind after the weekend.  If you have lost anything please get in touch with Laurence.

Overall the weekend was a success.  The Young People now have practice of carrying full weekend kit and know what to expect when we head down to Dartmoor for the next hikes.  They all performed well over the weekend and team spirit is really starting to show.  Well done all.


Lost Property: pair black gloves; metal mug and spoon