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First Dartmoor hike…

On our first visit to Dartmoor of the 2017 season, we were welcomed with as many different rain types as when Forrest Gump went to Vietnam. There was sideways rain that soaks only one side of your body, coming up from the ground rain, misty rain that soaks you to skin before you even feel it and big old fat rain, basically every type of rain you can think of. To top it off it was howling a gale and misty, typical Dartmoor weather. This was a bit of a shock to some of our Training Team and to the 35-mile participants who completed last year as for the whole of the 2016 Season it was glorious, I even wore my sun glasses during the weekends! Despite the terrible weather conditions all of the Young People completed both days of the training and remained in surprisingly good spirits so a massive well done to all of them.One thing that became apparent this weekend is that some of the Young Peoples

One thing that became apparent this weekend is that some of the Young Peoples kit is not up to the required standard, I have sent an email to all parents pointing these out, please take note and ensure that you pack EVERYTHING on the kit list regardless of the weather forecast. If any of the team members is lacking in the correct equipment the whole team could be canceled resulting in us having less team spaces and could even result in a permanent ban of that team meaning we would have to lower the amount of Young People we take on.

On the whole it was a very successful weekend and thankfully all of the parents arrived on time to collect their tired son/daughter allowing the equally tired adult volunteers to make a hasty retreat to a hot bath and an early night.

Thank you to everyone that helps make it happen and now time to start planning the next one, see you all in March. Don’t forget to confirm if you’re coming or not.

Lost Property

  • Blue Coleman plastic water bottle
  • Silver metal water bottle
  • Pair Karrimor Gaiters black
  • Pair Mountain Warehouse Gaiters size M black
  • 2x odd gaiters -black
  • Right-hand glove black branded YYGift
  • Pair Mountain Warehouse Overtrousers black -size 14
  • Green plastic mug
  • Brown plastic dish marked Rossington
  • Pair dark grey/blue pumps size 8/9  (yet to be delivered to me)
  • odd blue sock
  • grey spork
  • red spork


Last payment £65 due Saturday 4 March