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Good to know that spirits were not dampened during the second consecutive wet weekend –the weather is obviously making up for last year. Well done to everyone for ploughing on during tough conditions on Saturday and then being ready for the off on a more moderate Sunday. Remember that if you can cope with the weather the moor has thrown at you so far then come May you should have no trouble as it will be warmer; daylight hours will be longer and hopefully it will be mainly dry.

  • Kit check was much better but do ensure that Emergency Rations are as stated including a hot drink (see website) and are in a clear plastic bag which is sealed and clearly marked “Emergency Rations”. Also your food for each meal also needs to be clearly labelled in a bag (not in a plastic tub –too much bulk and additional weight). Snacks in pockets; hats in pocket or side pocket of rucksack; head torch in pocket at top of rucksack.  
  • Arrive to scrutineering with muddy boots and immediately the Army scrutineer will be concerned that you are not looking after your kit properly and will examine in detail every bit of your kit.  Get it right now –don’t turn up with muddy boots.
  • Also torches have to be working – the army scrutineers will check.
  • Chaffing is uncomfortable so wear tight fitting underwear; avoid trousers with a high seam and if necessary bring along some Vaseline to apply before the situation gets too bad.
  • Just a word on river crossings.  Remember that you are part of a team and that everyone in your team has to have the ability and physical build to cross at the same point. Unsure –then simply walk upstream until everyone can cross with confidence.  
  • Arrived at camp – get the tents up, stow your kit and team kit so that you know where it is for the morning-then change out of your wet gear and hang it up to dry. But keep dry and keep warm.
  • Bring a spare large bin bag for your wet kit once you have changed for the journey home.
  • And lastly – don’t fill your platypus OR water bottles for the trip down on Friday night. You can get clean water on Saturday morning.

Well done –see you all in less than 2 weeks’ time for your last taste of Dartmoor training. Don’t forget to check your kit NOW – not on Thursday of next week for lost property or items that may need repair or cleaning.

Lost property

Blue Karrimor dry bag – Malo

Fleece hat – Alex Bennett

Grey marl Mens NewLook stretch top –small

Pair Hi Gear waterproof overtrousers (loan stock)

Pair Mountain Warehouse black waterproof overtrousers

Pair black Rossignol gloves

Pair black woven gloves

Pair black/orange socks

One red sock

Waterbottle – Grey plastic Avex

Cup  aluminium Mountain Warehouse

Knife/fork/spoon set turquoise plastic

Mouth piece for platypus

Waterbottle blue SIGG           

Watch black (found at Princetown)

Plus unclaimed kit from last hike