Cotswold Marathon

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Those training for 45 or 55 miles took part in the Cotswold Marathon event as part of their training.

Congratulations to all the young people who represented a joint effort between Cabot Ten tors and Spinnaker SESU. Special mention to Alex, Daniel, Adam & Isaac for winning the fastest junior time in the 30 mile gold event (they walked a staggering 39 miles in less than 12 hrs)  and Jess, Lexi, & Katie for winning the fastest all female team in the silver 20 mile event!

A lot of true grit and determination shown by all, willingness to support and help other teams, with some excellent navigation and walking will set you up well for the delights of Dartmoor .Hopefully your feet will recover in time. We were the only teams there that had not practised on the route beforehand!

A couple  of comments from the event organisers; “Alex James having the confidence to tell the Gloucestershire county commissioner he was going to win the event before they started”. The only 2 all adult teams that beat them had both basically run the event as they have done for the last 10yrs!

And; “that  all girls team had to be calmed down when they found out they were to be presented with medals as so excited and happy”.