First Hike

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Well done everyone, your first training hike is now done.  Ten teams followed their routes (some did try to deviate) from Uphill or Bleadon Hill to Sand Bay.  The weather was clear, visibility was good and it was sunny but chilly especially towards the end of the day.  All walkers that started completed the hike, some even had a smile on their faces, congratulations!

A couple of points for you to remember

  • When you have finished the hike, although you may be hot from walking you will very soon start to get cold, therefore do not take clothes off but put more on.
  • When road walking ensure that you walk in single file facing the oncoming traffic with the high viz vests at front and rear
  • You must sign up to ensure there is a seat for you
  • Parents will receive a text alert for the expected time back to the 169th scout hut.  We cannot give an exact return time at the start of the day as weather, map reading skills, route and physical abilities all dictate, please ensure you arrive at the time the text alerts state as the adults have been walking all day and would like to get home.

The next hike will be in the Dundry area.  We will see you all on the 2nd December.  Dont forget to let us know if you can no longer make it.