Training Weekend 02 – 03 Feb 19

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The first training weekend was a great success despite the conditions. To say it was cold is a slight understatement! Plan B was put into practice and worked exceptionally well. The morning started with half the teams having a brief kit check to ensure they had everything they needed then they set off on the hike and the other half stayed behind at the hut and had a full kit check and lesson on how to pack their bags correctly to spread the weight evenly and so they have the items they need at hand and more importantly so they know where everything is and they can access it without having to dig around too much. They were then given a lesson on how to put up and take down their tents and how to split all the team kit between them. These teams then left for the hike and when the first teams to leave returned they had the lessons.

Once all teams had returned and set up their tents they were brought into the hall to have their skills lessons. They were taught about food, nutrition, how to label their meals and emergency rations, water and water purification, stoves and how to connect their gas correctly, safety, personal conduct, Dartmoor, what to expect from the training and the Event itself. They then went off to cook their evening meals and then returned to the hall for the Ten Tors Quiz to see how well they were listening! After the quiz they were given a hot drink and then went off to their tents to settle in for the night.

Sunday morning bright and early they were up and about and complaining that their boots had frozen in the night. We allowed them to defrost their boots in the warmth of the hall and wander around in their spare shoes from their mini bus bags. After breakfast they had the navigation, introduction to Dartmoor Maps and route planning lessons and then set off for the hike.

Well done to them surviving the big freeze, lets just hope the next hike is slightly warmer!