Dartmoor Weekend 1

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The first Dartmoor Hike of the season can only be described at wet and windy but it didn’t seem to dampen spirits as all the young people set off on their hike. The traditional stories were shared of the different coloured paint on the sheep and which ones are friendly and which are to be avoided, It is safe to say that the red sheep were given a wide birth! Early Afternoon on Saturday the mist descended and visibility vanished so I think its safe to say that I doubt any of the first timers can tell you much about the scenery apart from that they could only see about 5 meters in front of them.

After arriving at the base location for the night the young people erected their tents in a very strong wind which saw more than one nearly take off Mary Poppins style and many others chasing after bags and other things that got stolen away in the gusts. They then proceeded to cook and eat their Evening Meal and then plan their routes for the next day.

Sunday was the same Weather wise and the leaders had a meeting to decide whether or not to walk. It was decided they would at least start the hike, everyone was already in their waterproofs, and then if needed pick them up part way round. Luckily this wasn’t necessary and most teams managed to complete the hike (the 35 team and 45 teams that did not was through no fault of their own) and were finished and ready to head back to Bristol at 2pm.

The next 2 hikes will get progressively harder with us heading to Dartmoor Friday night so they can get 2 full days of walking in, we will also be back later on the Sunday for the next 2.

A massive well done to everyone, they did an amazing job despite the rain and wind.