Teams & Routes

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Here are teams and allocated routes. After Saturday morning you can click the route letters to see the times the teams arrive at each check point.

I’ve developed a team tracking website that displays a map of the teams route. Here is a link (35 miles teams, 45/55 mile teams) that displays all our teams with a map. (It will start displaying times tomorrow, when the tracking is activated)

Links below will show last years times until Saturday morning!

35 mile Cabot Scouts ATeam: NC

Luke H
Liam S
Kyle G
Max H S
Tom F
Thomas G E

35 mile Cabot Scouts BTeam: PC

Nathan S
Ciaran F
Frank H
Matthew T
Daisy D
Anna P

35 mile Spaniorum Explorer ScoutsTeam: DN

Kate P
Rebecca H
Rhiannon G E
Jessica L
Hannah C
Asha P

35 mile Brabazon Explorer ScoutsTeam: DC

Lucas H
Ted S
Elliot J
Joshua W
Tom S
Jake D G

35 mile Polar Explorer ScoutsTeam: JL

Benjamin B
Sebastian P
Huw P
Zach T
Bailey S
Ben A

35 miles Bristol ScoutsTeam: GC

Alice M F
Isabella W
James B
Danny C
Samuel H T
Ivy H

35 mile Wiveliscombe Scouts – Team: GQ

James McC
Amina B
James H
Jessica S
Meg W
Matthew G

45 mile Brabazon Explorer ScoutsTeam: UI

Samuel B
Toby B
Malo R
Joe M
George M
James R

45 miles Bristol ScoutsRoute: UP

Joe S
Daniel S
Thomas G
Robert K
Ryan G
Emily W

55 mile Brabazon Explorer ScoutsTeam: YH

Adam A
Katie D
Dan H
Harry W
Jess W
Adam K