Post January hike news

I have some photos for you taken during the January hike. The updates I got (I wasn’t there this time) are as follows… 35 report “I know nothing………!” 44/55 report “A TT sweatshirt isn’t... READ MORE

Hike Photos & news

Another training hike under you belts, everyone did well with no real issues to report, a few photos from the training hike are included above. We hope you all enjoy Christmas and we’ll... READ MORE

December hike

The December hike is almost upon us! The routes are now available online should you wish to take a look – not essential. Don’t forget to check the kit list and make sure... READ MORE

November hike

Well done everyone, it was a great start to the season with reasonable kind weather. It was a new route and I’m told it was hilly, everyone got round in good time, some... READ MORE