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Who do I notify to say that I am coming to a hike?
You should notify us via the website at least TWO WEEKS before the date of the hike. If you don’t you risk forfeiting your place as we may stand down transport.

Sorry but I am now not well – who do I tell?
If it’s over 12 hours before the hike then contact the number in your handout.
If it’s the day of the hike, phone the quoted mobile number in your handout. Do NOT use the landline number.
If you do not turn up/are late – then we are unlikely to have time to chase you up and will simply leave without you.

Will missing a hike through illness or holidays prejudice my child’s chance of a team place?
Yes, whatever your reason for missing a training hike it will count against you if places are limited.


Walking Groups

How is team membership determined?
For the first two day hikes, we will try to ensure that scouts walk with someone they know, usually with members from their own troop or Explorer unit.

After that, having started to identify each individual’s strengths, we are likely to change people around so as to make viable teams for the event. For example, not everyone will be a great navigator so it would not be a good idea to create one super team of map readers whilst having another team where all members had a less than accurate sense of direction.

My child doesn’t know anyone in their team – can they change teams?

Whilst we will always try to ensure that every walker starts out by walking with someone they know, making new friends is all part of Scouting. If they have a particular friend in another team we will try to re-arrange teams- please let us know.

My child is the only scout from their troop taking part – they don’t know anyone.
They are not alone. Every year there will be sole representatives from some troops so they are likely to find at least one other “lone” scout in their team.

My child doesn’t like the team they are walking with.
Despite all the hard work, this is meant to be fun so please do let us know and we will see what we can do.

Is my child guaranteed a team place?
No. It will depend on how many team places we are allocated by the army and how many walkers we have who complete their training. Securing a team place is a combination of merit, attitude and attendance. The final team selection will be made by the leaders.

Will my child be sharing tents?
On practise hikes, we will try to arrange sharing boys or girls – max 3 to a tent. For the event (one night) boys and girls may share. No scout will ever be allowed to sleep alone.


Health & Safety

Do I need to disclose everything on the medical form?
Yes. These are confidential to the leaders who are briefed as to any special conditions of members of their team eg asthma.
If you have concerns then please approach us in confidence but don’t deliberately omit something. It is not only inconsiderate to place the leaders in a situation where they discover an undeclared medical condition out on the moor, away from roadside assistance during the pouring rain, but equally, it then impacts on every other team member.

What do I need to do about medicines?
Firstly tell us what they are.
Secondly, make sure your child has them at each hike (we will check this as part of the kit check).
Thirdly make sure you let us know if the medication changes, is increased or discontinued.
We will check all notified medicines (especially that inhalers are full) as part of the kit check before every hike. Parents will be asked to go home and collect missing items, if unavailable the scout will not be allowed to join us for the day or weekend.

What should I do if my child has been ill the week before the hike?
There is likely to be some judgement call required by you as to whether or not they attend. Again it’s not appropriate to expose an under par walker to the moor. Neither do we have the facilities to give them the warmth and rest they most probably need. “Just getting over” or “going down with”is probably best avoided –it’s a fair way down to Dartmoor in order to pick them up.

Will missing a hike through illness or holidays prejudice my child’s chance of a team place?
Yes, whatever your reason for missing a training hike it will count against you if places are limited.

What happens to walkers who drop out part way through a hike?
Life gets really boring as its no fun sitting in a cold minibus waiting for everyone else to finish! In the event of having to retire part way through a hike.
We will escort the walker to a safe rendezvous where they will be handed over to leaders of the backup team who will arrange appropriate action e.g. deal with the injury, provide TLC, let them map read for the minibus driver etc.
Providing that the team’s progress will not be impaired, and depending on which stretch of the moor is to be covered, it may be possible for the walker to rejoin their team later in the day or to start with them on the second day.
It will be taken into consideration if places for the event are limited.

Will I get feedback from the leaders after each hike?
No – not unless we need to update you with an injury or we have major concerns about your child’s capabilities. If your child wants to tell you how they did that is up to them, but equally, we will respect they’re not telling you everything. It’s their step towards independence and not communicating other than in grunts is a teenage thing!
We will publish photos and news after each hike which will provide some insight and give advice for the next hike.
If we felt that your child needed to put in extra stamina training outside of the training hikes or that we felt that they should not continue, then, of course, we would let you know.

Does TT have any risks?
Yes but so does crossing the road! That is why we have a progressive training regime and we take care to ensure that we minimise all risks. If you have any specific concerns please contact us.


Personal Walking Kit

Do I need everything on the list?
Before every hike (including day hikes) we will check every piece of personal kit.

Yes they need everything on the list but let’s put this into perspective. For the low-level day hikes, we will accept kit provided it is serviceable ie the waterproof top keeps out the water and doesn’t have holes in it.

However, EVERY item on the list is still required to be brought/packed so don’t skimp on the hat and gloves just because It is expected to be a sunny day. The discipline to get into is to arrive with everything on the list.

However, once we get to the overnight Dartmoor hikes then all kit has to be to the standard as set by the army. Here there can be no compromises as to standards – the specifications set down are there to protect your child.

Do I need a Gore-Tex jacket –they are so expensive, and then there’s the boots and sleeping bag and everything else?
Many of these items are expensive and what is more, your child is likely to grow out of them very quickly. We have a supply of items we can loan out – there is no hire charge just a £5 deposit for fair wear and tear.

We can supply: waterproof jackets, waterproof trousers, rucksacks; cookers (but not gaz); sleeping bags; and a few fleeces/microfleeces. Contact the Quartermaster to arrange a fitting and hire.

What we do not supply are boots (we might have a couple of pairs – ask the Quartermaster).

Don’t rush out and buy new kit straight away. First of all, see whether your child is enjoying this adventure. Secondly, DO seek advice from us as to what is appropriate and what to avoid.

The Advice Section of the website identifies what standards are required; ask us as to which shops understand what equipment might be suitable and that to avoid. It is possible to buy “cheap” kit but it will not last and may not be to the standard required. Equally, it is possible to buy kit cheap, and we will help you to identify purchasing opportunities.

My child has told me that what they have brought along is not acceptable. What should I do?
Please contact us so that we can clearly explain the reasons for kit being “rejected” and what standards need to apply.

If it’s a Dartmoor hike then we simply cannot take your child with us and unless we can find a suitable replacement they will need to return home. If we allowed them to continue they may endanger themselves and/or other members of the team. Also even for practise hikes, a team may have their kit checked by independent roving scrutineers out on the moor. If any item is found to be below standard then not only is the whole team removed from the moor but as an organisation, we will lose our team place. We won’t allow that to happen.

My child wants to bring along their MP3 and/or mobile phone.
They do so at their own risk. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage during the weekend. Once a minibus was broken into and kit stolen. It has only happened the once but that was quite enough.

During practise hikes, we don’t mind if children carry their mobile phones with them. However for the event that will not be allowed (an emergency phone sealed in a bag is authorised which we provide).

MP3 players cannot be used when walking, the group need to be able to hear their leader and we want the scouts to build friendships within their team.

See the kit page for more information.



Why are there 3 stage payments?
Firstly this hopefully makes it easier for you to afford.

Secondly, it enables your child to withdraw before the 2nd/3rd payment is due. We appreciate that this activity is not for everyone. Perhaps the day hikes are a sufficient enough taster to determine that Ten Tors is not for them. Equally there is a marked difference between day hikes and walking over two consecutive days.

Do I get my money back if my child drops out?
No. That is the purpose of the stage payments.

We would always be sympathetic in the event of a long-term illness. However missing one hike through illness, or not wishing to continue, say, after the first overnight hike would not attract a refund.

Where does my money go?
Our main item of expenditure is transport. In addition, there is the cost of camping fees, hall hire, event entry fees, items of equipment and costs at the event in May.

All adults are volunteers -there is no paid personnel.

We work to a break-even budget but even so the District help us to defray the true cost by subsidising some expenses.

I am unable to complete a Gift Aid form. Do I need to pay more?
No. When we prepare the budget we take into account that the majority of adults will use the Gift Aid scheme. If they did not then costs would be significantly higher. However, we also recognise that not all parents are able to do so but it would be un-equitable to then charge them more.

I completed a Gift Aid Form last year – do I need to complete another this year?
Yes, please. Whilst we know that some organisations use wording which allows Gift Aid to be carried across from the tax year in which it is signed into future tax years however we tailored our Gift Aid Form so that it applies only to the tax year in which it was completed. Our systems are all manual and this simple procedure enables us to keep separate records for each year without the need to check for changes of address or other details.

I would love my child to take part but the overall expense is just too much. Can anything be done?
The aim of Scouting is to promote participation, not to exclude people for economic reasons. Please approach the Treasurer in confidence and we will see what assistance we can give.

More details on finance here.


A query that’s not on our FAQ list?

Please contact us. They will either deal direct or get one of the team to contact you.